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My name is Aurélie Guisiano, I am a photographer and digital creator based in Paris.

I was born and raised in Toulon on the French Riviera in the south of France. I studied philosophy and art history. 

I love to travel and discover different places, be surrounded by beautiful souls, enjoy what life has to offer every day, watch a sunrise or a sunset and listen to good music.

But to be honest I sometimes like to watch Netflix rather than a sunset. I love sci-fi especially when it's about uchronia and time travel. I'm an Aquarius so yeah I'm kind of a future-oriented nerd who sometimes likes to believe in alternate dimensions, but guess what? Flying to the moon is no longer a dream. 


Orange - Meta - Hasselblad - Adobe - Kayak - Edmond de Rothschild Heritage - SNCF Connect - Accor Hotels
Grevin &Cie - Canal+ - Elephorm - K&F Concept
D1 Milano - Urbanista  - Michel Herbelin- OT Poitiers

My work featured here 

The full story

I'm passionate about art,  and painting it's my favorite medium. Various artists throughout history, Caravaggio, Magritte, Lichtenstein, and the Impressionists. Painting is not an art that I practice but it is the one I consume the most. I turned to photography precisely to be able to create paintings, and to provoke emotions as well.

I discovered artistic photography through the masterpieces of David Lachapelle. His work and his creativity gave me the feeling of being able to see paintings like I used to see in books and museums.

So I started to create my own visuals with staging photographies and graphics. A few years later, with Instagram, I realized the creative possibilities of shooting scenes of life on the street. The challenge of street photography is that nothing is staged and nothing is predictable in the first place. So you have to be able to tell a story and draw a picture at the same time. All you need is patience and have little faith. More often these days, if I have a picture in mind and want to create it the way I imagined it, I prefer to call friends to pose for me.

Bright scenes and moody tones are my jam, chiaroscuro defines my photos in urban environments as well as in nature..

But don't get me wrong, as an artist I appreciate all types of photographs as long as they fascinate me and colorful images are one of it.

Today, I work as a content creator for brands and I am a lifestyle photographer for press magazines such as Biba, Marie-Claire and Grazia.

As a digital creator I also make and edit videos.

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