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My Paris Style -FRance

October  2018 

What is more beautiful, Paris at sunrise or sunset? Maybe you know the answer because we’re confused now. The reason for that is an amazing Instagram of Aurélie (@globalworming) who captures sunrise and sunset moments all over the city of lights. So, we decided to chat with Aurélie to learn her story of becoming a professional photographer.

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Instagram -USA

Décembre 2018 

" Photo by @globalworming
 I was chasing light at this moment,” says photographer Aurélie Guisiano (@globalworming) of her #WHPNaturalLight submission. “I was driving around the place and I saw those shadows behind the sunrise over the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing — it looked like a bike ballet.” Lucky for us, she pulled her car over and took the picture. 📸"

Photo by @globalworming 

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Instagram -USA

March 2017 

" I love the light at the Louvre. You can play with the reflection over the glass pyramids and inside the arcade you can draw fantastic silhouettes,” says Aurélie Guisiano (@globalworming), who encountered this pair of monks at one of her favorite spots. “At this moment, we were alone, they were so magnificent and elegant.” #TheWeekOnInstagram

Photo by @globalworming 


Un autre regard sur Poitiers et la Vienne

éditions LaGeste

Beau livre en collaboration avec 29 photographes

Proposer un autre regard sur Poitiers et la Vienne, autour de six thèmes différents. Voici plus de 30 photographes passionnés qui saisissent l’instant, le mouvement, le quotidien et la beauté de la ville et de sa région.

Un concours a été organisé et près de 3 500 photographies ont été postées. Plus de 30 Instagramers ont été sélectionnés pour figurer dans le présent ouvrage.

Une belle occasion de se laisser surprendre par le territoire.

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